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Privacy Policy

The below statement represents our privacy policy, which governs which kind of data we collect from our users on this Website ( and any sub-domains) and how we collect it:

1. General Information collects information about visitors in the form of web-based third-party statistics, server logs and PHP tracker scripts, all dedicated to analyze visitor trends, site popularity statistics and movements/paths on the Website. This data does not contain any personally identifiable information about visitors such as names, ages etc... Additionally, collects email addresses and login/password information attached to user accounts. This data also does not contain any personally identifiable information about visitors.

2. Server Logs

Server Logs store server hits and contain data such as IPs, web referrals, user agent, date and time. This data is used for statistical purposes. None of these variables make us able to directly track an identifiable person with its name.

3. Third-Party Web Based Statistics

Web-Based Statistics collect the same information than Server Logs (see 2.), plus some additional information such as platform (OS), navigator, resolution and color depth. However statistics are displayed in a different way and serve a different kind of metrics.

4. Onboard PHP Tracker Script

This Website also uses a PHP script which is an advanced tracker that records the same information than Server Logs and Web-Based Statistics, but it provides further details and an easier comprehension of the visitor paths and movements on the Website.

5. Cookies / Personalization Mechanisms

A. Our PHP Tracker Script (see 4.) uses cookies to maintain a connection with the user during the whole website visit. It helps to get a solid trace of the user's movements on the website, compared to IP tracking, as IPs may dynamically change during an internet session - so it just avoids losing the trace of the visitor on the website and then generating false statistics. No personal information is stored in this cookie. B. also uses one (1) cookie. This cookie is set up when the user connects to his/her user account by entering manually his/her login and password. This cookie serves as a connection mechanism to maintain the user connected to his/her account throughout the website, and via this connection served up via this cookie, it gives the user the ability to access his/her user account features throughout the whole website such as specifically, saving and loading listings he/she generates through our search/filter engine. No personal information is stored in this cookie as well. C. We also store IPs for our rating mechanism, to prevent a same person/computer voting several times for the same destination of vote per 24 hours, thus avoiding any deliberate intentions to manipulate our rankings. An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a unique address that certain electronic devices use in order to identify and communicate with each other on a computer network utilizing the Internet Protocol standard (IP) (source: Wikipedia). IPs do not contain any personally identifiable information as well.

6. Email Addresses / Login and Passwords

GENERAL INFORMATION. Email addresses collected on only serve up one purpose: to communicate with our users by offering them news about our website, our services and our company or by offering them related special offers from our partners or by sending them our newsletter. We only send related content to our users in respect to's theme. We guarantee that we will never sell, rent or give our collection of email addresses to any person or company. This statement may be compromised only in a particular case of we choose to sell the whole Website, its domain, its brand and its data to an other person or company, in that case this privacy policy will have to be modified by the buyer. A. Email addresses are collected through two points on the website. The first point is during our newsletter registration process. Each person who wishes to subscribe to our newsletter via email is asked to confirm his/her address, thus avoiding any malicious use of email addresses (double opt-in mailing-list). The second point is during the user account registration process. In addition of collecting the login and password, an email address is asked to keep a trace of each of our registered users. These addresses may be used in our newsletter IF and only IF the "Newsletter" checkbox is checked during the account registration process. In case of this particular checkbox is left unchecked, we will only send news about the website specifically or about the services attached to the user account. Additionally, the Recommend feature on our website asks to enter email addresses but we do not store or use these email addresses. C. Login and passwords are collected through the user account registration process when users want to access our value-added free services. These inputs are stored in a database and only the password is encrypted before being stocked in the database. We cannot access the original password value after it is stored in the database. For more information about login/password security, please check next chapter. This information does not contain any personally identifiable information about users, unless the user uses his/her first name or any other personal information to enter his/her login during the registration process, however in any case we may or are able or want to elaborate any personal profile about users with login information given the weakness of the data.

7. Data Safety

All information collected as described above is stored in a database for which has set up two (2) different protection mechanisms. is also using long string passwords of at least twelve (12) characters. The other security mechanisms are set up by our host on which we have no access. does not guarantee or give any guarantee about the safety of the information nor is it liable if the information of our users is stolen due to a breach in security from us or from our host, as described in our terms of service. But tries to use the most up to date and most serious mechanisms to protect information stored in the database. We recommend our users to use a unique pair of login and password for our website and for each other website they use to register accounts. We also recommend to always use a minimum of 8 (eight) characters for passwords.

8. Changes to this Privacy Statement may amend this policy from time to time. It is your responsibility to check and see if any changes have been made since the last time you used our site. However, if a very important change occurs, we may post a prominent announcement on our homepage.

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